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After consideration, I am IN!

Note: This was my initial post for the start of Ludum Dare 26. For it I produced this game.

I had been planning for weeks to do the Dare. Over the past few months I have developed an interest in OpenGL and other graphics libraries, and I wanted to complete a game but kept on changing ideas before I finished. Thus, Ludum Dare seemed like a great fit for me to just shut up and make a game.

Then I found out I had a test this Friday, and Saturday, and a project due this Sunday.

"Welp", I thought, "Guess I'll just have to do some other game competition."

Then I watched the keynote, and being both inspired, and learning that Twine lets you make text based games quickly, I am now bucking up and going to do a damn game.

That game is most likely done in Twine, so all text! If by some miracle I am able to complete all this work by Friday morning, unlikely but possible if I can reschedule the test, I would love to work out a game in WebGL while using WebAudio API for sound. But that is likely a plan for future Dares.

Good luck to everyone, and don't expect too much from me!

Edit: I still have that final tomorrow, so likely going to be pretty simple, but Goo Engine looks AMAZING! I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes WebGL. I think at this point I am definitely going to use it, as it looks awesome.